Student Projects

The Study projects we offer are aimed at students with interest in eMobility. The courses do provide students to be part of something much bigger, where you can build and electric race-car and compete with students from around the world. If you are interested in participating the course and have one of the following goals/values or if it sparked interest for the course, you are more than welcome to click the link below.

  1. You are entrepreneur minded and would love to build something close to real life business cases 

  2. You love motor-sport and electronics
  3. You love to be a part of a team and are very engaging in your fellow students.
  4. You are competition minded and love to participate in arrangements that tests your skills to the limit.

The numbered courses facilitating your effort are 31789 eMobilitet, komponenter og design and 31790 eMobilitet, komponenter og design

Next to these, we offer a number of special courses and MSc project depending on your time commitment.

For more information, feel free to contact Assoc. Professor Nenad Mijatovic,